Upcoming events

  • The Unnecessary Detail gig -- on the 24th March 2017, I'll be doing a 10 minute set at the Cambridge Science Festival, in which I will go into Unnecessary Detail (TM) on some aspect of visual perception (tbd)...
  • Pint of Science -- on the 17th May 2017, I'll be joining the great lineup at the Cambridge Pint of Science Festival, because everything sounds better over beer.
  • Creative AI meetup, London -- towards the end of May 2017, I'll be speaking at the London Creative AI meetup, talking about closing the loop between deep neural network models and the human visual system, with some psychedelic pictures...

Past events

FameLab 2016 UK national finalist. You can watch my regional winning entry, in which I explained the entoptic phenomenon "blue sky sprites" with a giant eyeball in the first video on the right, or here.

  • ...and my national entry, in which I told 'The Fable of the Minnow and the Tentacled Snake, or How the Animals Got Their Intelligence' can be found at the bottom right, or here (starting at 29:00).


Visual-perception-themed stand-up comedy at:

  • Science Showoff (London 2016; Royal Society 2014)
  • Bright Club (Gravity Fields Festival 2016; Cambridge 2016; Bloomsbury Theatre London 2015; Natural History Museum 2014)


Public lectures at:

  • MRC open day 'From pixels to cats and dogs: Vision in Humans and Machines,' for which I was given an MRC recognition award, 2016.

  • SciBar at the Cambridge YHA, 2016.




Media appearances

  • Appeared on the Naked Scientists radio show and podcast, 15th May 2016.

  • Interviewed on Cambridge TV for the "Light and Perception" episode of the Elemental Ideas science series. Watch here (starting 3:20)

  • Interviewed on BBC Cambridgeshire drive-time program following regional FameLab win, 2016.
  • Regular guest on the Psychobabble podcast, 2012-2013, run by Rohan Kapitany at the University of Queensland, Australia.