Upcoming events

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Past events

FameLab 2016 UK national finalist. You can watch my regional winning entry, in which I explained the entoptic phenomenon "blue sky sprites" with a giant eyeball in the first video on the right, or here.

  • ...and my national entry, in which I told 'The Fable of the Minnow and the Tentacled Snake, or How the Animals Got Their Intelligence' can be found at the bottom right, or here (starting at 29:00).


Visual-perception-themed stand-up comedy at:

  • Science Showoff (London 2016; Royal Society 2014)
  • Bright Club (Gravity Fields Festival 2016; Cambridge 2016; Bloomsbury Theatre London 2015; Natural History Museum 2014)
  • An Evening of Unnecessary Detail (Cambridge 2017; London 2017).


Public lectures at:

  • MRC open day 2016, 'From pixels to cats and dogs: Vision in Humans and Machines'.

  • SciBar at the Cambridge YHA, 2016.

  • Pint of Science Festival in Cambridge, 2017.

  • Creative AI meetup London, 2017.

Media appearances

  • Appeared on the Naked Scientists radio show and podcast, 15th May 2016.

  • Interviewed on Cambridge TV for the "Light and Perception" episode of the Elemental Ideas science series. Watch here (starting 3:20)

  • Interviewed on BBC Cambridgeshire drive-time program following regional FameLab win, 2016.

  • Regular guest on the Psychobabble podcast, 2012-2013, run by Rohan Kapitany at the University of Queensland, Australia.